Dr. Heidi Feigenbaum



Dr. Yannis F. Dafalias, University of California, Davis, CA

Dr. Jiri Plesek, Intsitute of Thermomechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Dr. Constantin Ciocanel, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Michael Shafer, Northern Arizona University


Charlie Center
  • M.S. Expected Dec. 2019
  • Thesis Work: Finite element predictions of twisted polymer actuators
  • Email: cjc567@nau.edu

Md Esharuzzaman Emu
  • M.S. Expected May 2020
  • Thesis Work: Power Harvesting with Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
  • Email: me692@nau.edu


Alex Walduaer
  • M.S. December 2011
  • Thesis Title: An Improved Model for the Application of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

Joel Dugdale
  • M.S. May 2012
  • Thesis Title: Simulation of Ratcheting with Advanced Plasticity Models

Douglas LaMaster
  • M.S. March 2014
  • Thesis Title: A Thermodynamics-Based Model For The Response of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys to Magneto-Mechanical Loading in 3D

Christine Welling
  • M.S. August 2016
  • Thesis Title: Numerical Convergence and Parameter Identification of Plasticity Models for Multi-axial Ratcheting

J. Lance Eberle
  • M.S. December 2018
  • Thesis Title: Predicting the Magneto-Mechanical Behavior of Single Crystal Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys Using Homogenized Models